"A large deposit of dense black marble outcrops on Windellama Creek, 2 miles from the post office. There is an unlimited quality available, and it is the best black marble yet found in New South Wales." - Richard Baker, "Building and Ornamental Stones of New South Wales", 1909.

Welcome to Windellama. Welcome to Black Marble Wines.

About Windellama

Windellama is a village between Goulburn and the coast chiefly famous for the rich black marble deposits, its fine wool and gold.

Now, the district is becoming known for its high country wines. The climate is ideally suited to fine wine production. Its high altitude moderates its climate producing milder summers and less humidity. Its winters are cold and frosty. Riesling, viogonier and shiraz ripen slowly in rocky ground and so produce wines with intense flavours.

The local growers have combined to form the Merino Country Vignerons Association.

About Black Marble Wines

Tony Cole and Sally Heycox established Black Marble Wines at their historic Hillcrest property in 2001. Despite battling frost and dry summers, the boutique winery thrived and five years later Hillcrest produced its first commercial riesling, with a viognier coming to market two years later.

About Our Wines

Black Marble's rieslings are in the refreshing, modern Australian tradition. They have peach and citrus flavours and a crisp finish.